Reviews for "Ozy's Masterstroke"


Laughed alot but maybe you shoud put up a spoiler alert or something..

not bad

I lol'd when Billy died.

But since when does Doc Manhattan wear shorts on Mars?

I demand blue cocks

zappawadda responds:

Then watch anime.

rest in peace billy

that was a wonderous tribute to billy mays. can't say anything 'bout mj without being a dick.

if only this really happened...

man, how many celebrities have to die before we get our heads on straight. all the animation was good except the ending doc Manhattan thing.

very clever but I have a couple of complaints

The thing I was gripe about the most was how you drew Michael Jackson. You made Billy Mays look enough like the real thing but the way you drew MJ was half-assed compared to it. Hell! It was half-assed compared to everyone else you drew. I also didn't like how you made Ozymandias look petrified.

Aside from that, it was clever how you took Watchmen and brought it into the '09. And I thought I saw a clever use of satire ("President ends war.."). And you had the Watchmen characters' design spot-on.

Overall, if you could fix those flaws (cuz I'm a huge MJ fan) then I'd like it more.