Reviews for "Super Briefcase"


Try beating 331,075!


Almost 100,000. Good game, but does it go on forever or does help come?

i liked it

u should have made the down key make the guy do a roll or something....but it rocked!

Simple, addicitive, fun

The basic "dodge stuff until you die" flash game has been done a gazillion times, but the execution on this is flawless - good powerups, good setup, music that fits the setting perfectly, and the ridiculously silly Super Briefcase. :)

Out of curiosity, does this game run forever, or is there eventually an ending? The silly things the guy says run in a fixed order, so he's eventually gotta run out of stuff to say...


I like this...Simple, as previously said, but entertaining.

P.S to the character, THIS IS SPARTA! that's why no one's coming to rescue you.