Reviews for "Super Briefcase"

10 stars

The graphics, the gameplay, I am actually interested to see more games of a similar style from you. Maybe a beat em up?


The artwork is phenomenal. Possibly the best pixel style animation I've ever seen. truly awesome. Gameplay is very solid. awesome game. love the music too, and the humor was a nice touch. you good sir, are very good at this.


Love it! the simplictiy is amazing!

simple but grear

this a great game..i was hooked on it for a time..couldnt stop playing :D
w00t im number 1 on the global highscore list =) xD


i like ;) it is like....some retro game that u get....and play for hours beating your high score....thinking its good then see some small chinease man got 10x ur score and u cry yourself to sleep....well done