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Reviews for "Red Code 2"


this game is completely horrible


thank you
ive beaten the first Red Code and ive been waiting to see if another comes out
again.....thank you 10/10


this needs alot of improvement
like the way he walks like he has a steel rod spine
and the clone disapapears when you die
and the friggn charge on all weapons
and the rate the enemys spawn like in a few moments i was overwhelmed by bugs
and the tansformations on guns once i got them i lost my charge fast and died
other than that im pretty happy that it got a story line goog job-ish


pls rebalance the "Evolved" Weeapons the single and the evolved single and burst mode are useless while the evolved Shotgun just kills things you didnt even know of
I mean there have been enemy types i never saw while i beat the game the first time simpy because the "shotgun" allways killed hem offscreen
and now i have the problem that the evolved Single mode needs to recharge after 2 shots and i need 2 shots to kill a single bug.

Besides that its a Great game :P

good game

but not awesome game it is close to awesome yeah i agree awesome graphic's,story,weapons upgrading,and good survival level's but there's one glitch that really hate is when you die your companion is gone because without you die fast because may be your in solo and bug's come in both way's instead in way so it's much harder for you but overall it's 10 I say 99 out 100 ok hopefully you agree with me ok