Reviews for "Stress Bunny"

wow...what an imagination!

I feel somewhat frightened by the images.
But what makes this just a notch short of being good.
Is that it is mostly in black and white.
I really appreciate color.
It is such a drag watching this beautiful animation...
In such black white.

very smooth

that was great

(title in work)

This was a pretty awesome FBF animation. You were really creative with this. I especially like the part where the octopus things keep reproducing from their mouths. That was quite unique. This flowed very well with the music. Very nice.


That was insane. It didn't really have much of a point, but it was fun to watch and I liked the animation. Good job.


Like one massive acid trip with really cool music. I would have like to have seen it as a real music video but other than that it was really weird but cool at the same time.