Reviews for "You Only Live Once"

oddly enjoyable

At first, didn't know what to make of the this game, if it can really be called that but I found myself really liking what you have made. It could have been another Mario knockoff but taking it further by having the characters single death be final and the story you told after said death earned this a high vote from me.

What really pushed it past just being just good was when I tried refreshing to play again to see if I could get further. Coming back with the game over screen with the memorial and refreshing only to find a grave, and then coming back to find grass growing on that grave. Genius in my opinion.

Great game

So innovative and NEW. Loved it.

Hint for people playing:

In order to get more continues....just delete your cookies LOL. I use CrapCleaner after every loss and restart firefox for no temporary internet files + cookies in my storage for this to know I'm not a new person.

very clever


OH MY.....!

I Have a dead Zombie.... AWESOME!

If i only had more chances...

Ah, that's too bad...

I was looking forward to seeing it in other languages, and whatnot...
I suppose I'll have to go to a friend's and play it, to see TomaMoto 'n' Omahdon's contributions to this.

Marvelous job on the concept and execution.
I loved how you could refresh a few times and watch the flowers grow, that was priceless. I tried deleting my cookies, and even visiting kongregate, to no avail. You have made resurrection thoroughly impossible it seems.
Good on you. It was perfect.