Reviews for "You Only Live Once"


This would have been a somewhat decent platformer if not for two issues:

1) You must clear browser memory each time to lose. I don't care that it is the whole point of the game - it is annoying.

2) You cannot turn off music in any way - even using a mute tab option in browser - so you cannot listen to videos while playing and repeating the many attempts it takes to bypass this short, but rather hard game.

cant play the damn game it freezes for no reason at all???

great game in all but... I died. It didn't let me continue, I know it isn't suppose to but heres the thing: it let me retry the game. Weird glitch. I guess I only live twice.

If you get Firefox (it runs bad on Google Chrome and Internet Explorer/Microsoft Edge doesn't clear flash game data) and you die, go to -> history -> clear recent history -> past hour -> refresh page -> this isn't "you only live once" anymore.

If you REALLY wanted something to be hardcore mode only, you'd have to have a server side database rather than store things client side, in which case the above allows you to play again. Although, what's the point of a game being complete if it's designed to have most people be unable to get to the end? So much for spending time developing content almost no one is going to see.

On the other side of things, there's more to death than not living in this world anymore. Energy can't be destroyed and whoever can read this has energy pulsing through them right now. Would you call it your soul? What happens to it when you die? Who knows, but I refuse to believe in eternal death. Life is too complicated for death to be eternal (the mystery of being created in the first place, for example).

Moral of the story aside, the actual game part of the game isn't too bad, it's just that it's a bit short (minus half a star) and the idea of not being able to play again to the point where you have to clear your browsing data to play again, EVEN IF YOU WIN (minor detail though, not much worth replaying after winning), is pretty annoying (minus a star and a half).

Oh, and I beat this game, so read on if you want to know the gist of what happens when you "win."

[After defeating Sir Giant Pink Lizard]

Girlfriend: "Thanks for saving me I guess."

[cop shows up]

Cop: "We heard about a public disturbance. Is there somethi..."

[cop notices that Germain (Germain is the player character btw) killed Sir Giant Pink Lizard]

Cop: "OH KAY, you're under arrest for murder."

[Cop puts handcuffs on Germain and starts pulling him to the left, heading off the screen]

Germain: "WHAT!? I didn't do anything! He kidnapped my girlfriend!"

Girlfriend: "We're not really dating anymore officer."

Germain: "DON'T TAZE ME BRO!!"

[Germain gets tazed and "Game Over" shows up]

Then after clicking a few times, Pink Lizard's minions hold a funeral where one of them says something along the lines of "he was a villain, but he had minor aspirations, so some might say he was a good guy, but we know he was bad."

And after refreshing the page after that, all that's left is a tombstone with dirt in front of it.