Reviews for "You Only Live Once"

Terrible yet makes sence

You really only get one chance, once you die you can't play again, it just shows Jermine's grave with grass on it. This game should let you at least start over.

Interesting, but not good for an internet game.

It's realistic, but what were you thinking, using the "Only one life" concept for an internet game?

this is retarded!

y do u only get one life and how does this make the front page if u only live once plus most game on the front page r played more than once and this cant be played more than once

only one play? ever?!

My browser crashed while playing, and now I can't play...
but based of off what I saw, its not that different from every other mario clone...


Yup, You don't get it. There is no point in making a option since the title clearly says: "You only live once". When you die, do you get a option? No one really knows but I hardly doubt that. Ofcourse you can't compare real-life and a extraordinary game, but you get the idea, I sincerely wish...