Reviews for "Second Wind - Boss theme"

I liked it a lot. While it is a boss theme, I can imagine a character running through a final stage before the big fight at the end. Great work, and I hope to hear more like this from you. The only thing I dislike about it is how short it is, but the quality is great.

NikeTheSword responds:

Thank you! It's short for the loop purposes, usually I make around 2-3min tracks so no worries!

im for sure using this in my game.... ive looked at about 30 loops and this the first one i cant tell that its a loop, so its very smooth :D LOVE IT!!!

2 words:
Awesome Song!

NikeTheSword responds:

Thanks alot! :)

i love this so fucking catchy make a remix please!

NikeTheSword responds:

Thanks! I just wonder what kind of remix it should be? :)

The loop is seamless. I didn't even realize that it did loop until I came back to this tab after doing work on another for about 5 minutes.

It does convey a sense of urgency, which is another must.

All in all, great piece.

4.5 stars, 5/5

NikeTheSword responds:

Thank you!