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Reviews for "Devastate"

nice, one of the best pieces I've heard

nice piece you have here, its become one of my favorites.

pitchblak responds:

Thanx bro,glad ya like it.Ive got a remake of this comming out soon so keep checkin in.Thanx 4 the review

good job

good job

pitchblak responds:

Thanx alot

if i could vote 11 i would

rockin man i like the way it began and the way it ended that was pretty good. the song was all around bad ass i really like the effect you put on the drums at the end the was pretty cool!"WHEN YOU GONNA LET ME ADD DRUMS TO A SONG DAMNIT!!" LOL well since everyone else did it im gonna do it. ROCK THE FUCK ON!

pitchblak responds:

Yeah man, we need to get together sometime and record some shit,or you could lay down some drum tracks and let me put guitar in them.Either way would be pretty cool.Thanx for the review man.


Thanks for your vote, Bad_Man_Incorporated! You voted 5 for Devastate, raising its score from 4.33 to 4.50.
Another kick ass tune. Drums were a little loud in spots, but not enough to ruin the experience. If want add me to msn bad-man-inc@hotmail.com. I have a shitload of drum samples from Drum kit from hell that will work in beatcraft.
I'm guessing you didnt like the sample of Deranged I sent you with vocals?
Anyways, great tune again man. Rock the fuck on!\m/

pitchblak responds:

Hey man,Thanx for the review.This might sound stupid but i cant find the sample of Deranged that you sent.Ive been dying to hear it though.Its probably right in front of me somewhere but im not to much of a computer wiz & cant seem to find it.I would love to get some drum samples from you to.That would be great.I will try to get with you man.

Good stuff!

Yeah, cool tune dude. Nice leads and good mixing. For you drums, try to get some new samples. You use beatcraft right? The drums sound not that good/real in this one.

The leads played nice and the little fillers with the effects are refreshing. :D

Rock the fook on!


pitchblak responds:

im glad you dig the song man.You are right about the drums,I do need some more samples.Thanx alot for the review man