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Reviews for "Sheryl's Day Off (WIP)"

dude i loooooove your work this the first one i commented on though because i always thought i was to lae to comment cuz i love responses but i love your discriptions to sometimes they make me laugh my ass off like how its a porn picture but the thing you talk about is how motor oil never gets out of your cloths its hilariouus if i werent dirt poor i would toooooaaaatly support you on patreon but i have one question have you done any work for M.S.A. 3 i love that sereis i just cant wait till the next one that is if their is going to be one but yah thats all keep up the good work man

Very nice.

I love this kind of artwork technical and mechanical savvy female chars
you know the whole insert profession most people would instantly assume
the stereotypical image of a said job usually done by a male (like blacksmithing)
any whom.. this looks like epic. I'm just trying to figure out why its just a work in progress
its looks pretty much finished to me.unless you still adding background details

After a long day of engineering. She needs a break

una de las imagenes mas sexys que hiciste. Solo te dejo saber que la razon por la cual los mecanicos usan ropa es justamente para que la piel no entre en contacto con el aceite de motor, ya que es cancerigeno y tambien es dificil de sacar de la piel.

Fatelogic responds:

Oh oh... The reality police just barged in. Killjoys.

Glad you liked it though xD