Reviews for "Postman Tim Door No. 2"

Hey, man, good flash!

It was actually really well done for the most part!

Animation was probably the best part! Some great frame by frame and some impressively drawn backdrops were great! That's what stole the show in this flash.

Humor...well, see that's what gets me. The ending was, to be honest, just not that good, even to the point of being just plain bad. I was laughing at this for the most part until that. Is it that I don't like gore or shock value? Heck no, but it could've been pulled off better, just saying. It's a cheap laugh.

Overall, a solid flash movie! No, it's not a 10, but it's still a great movie. Good job, and congrats on the Daily First! I would've gotten away with it, too, if it wasn't for this flash. Argh.
4 outta' 5 and 8 outta' 10.
Nice job!

GotRedOnYou responds:

cheers for the lengthy review, i take your criticism but dont entirely agree. most people got along with the ida, i think id rather listen to the majority of the viewers than the minority. you may have different humour and tastes than others on here. maybe youl like the next one more. keep an eye out.

so awsome


short but overly satisfying

This was a great short clip, and I definitely loved the ending, i learned the saest way possible way to deliver mail now. Thank you.

I was completely caught off guard.

That was simply amazing and I laughed a lot. Good show!

Good God

Brutal man, effing brutal