Reviews for "Bonehead: The Cereal Box"

ha ha, oh god.

oh god, that was fantastic. I loved all the jokes

3.14 Pi
9000+ (IT'S OVER 9000!!!!!! [way over used joke, but used fantastically here])
42 the meaning of everything
Q wtf? who cares about Q?

Falcon crunch, im sure thats been used before, but i haven't seen it myself, so i think it was fantastically hilarious. "Show your carbs!" fan-freaking-tastic

if any of your next movies are as hilarious as this one, you have a fantastic newgrounds life ahead of you.

Keep up the good work, you are probably the most promising new-newgrounder ever. EVARRR! (lol)

CaseyAnimates responds:

Hahaha, ok, I have to respond to that! Can't help myself!

Thanks for your feedback! I'm glad that you noticed the little things, like Show Your Carbs and the plan of the meaning of life. I like adding those little things!

Thanks again!


possibly the greatest flash ive seen on NG in a while

CaseyAnimates responds:

Really? Thanks, man! Hope to see you again on the next flash!


It kinda gives me a classic/vintage feeling :) 5/5 10/10 for sure ! hmm! its pretty good ! perfect ! ;) :)


This is your first flash?! 0_o You look like you've been doing it for years! This was wonderful! Please make more...


what happen to him?!?!?

CaseyAnimates responds:

Warped to another dimension.
Falcon Crunch is possessed.