Reviews for "Bonehead: The Cereal Box"

Now this is impressive

How did you do so well on your first movie? The animation is great, the art is appealing, the voice acting had no problems, and the humor was top notch.

I'm just shocked. Because this movie is better than anything I've made, and I've been animating for nearly two years.

CaseyAnimates responds:


Well, if ya' wanna' know, I did have some previous animating experience, like, 2 years ago on a completely different program, so I guess that counts. You've seen 'em, right? They were some really old videos on my YouTube account. Other than that, I guess I can say in my defense that I worked really hard on this and spent some mad hours on it, and I have a really good mic.

Don't worry, we all learn at different paces. Trust me, later on you could be freakin' beast, man. Stay frosty.

Great Job My Friend

Congratulations on your first flash dude! Nice ending btw, i remember the first one was kinda hard to tell he had left that dimension. P.S. You used Steve in the credits so im kinda on NG now too! :P

CaseyAnimates responds:

Thanks, man!
But my own best friend...my main man...gave me an eight. Harsh, man.
Nah, it's all cool! Steve will be in an animation series soon, so don't let your hopes down!

Pretty good

For a first flash this was pretty good. It started out well and remained funny for the rest of the flash. The various plan method of opening the box is nothing original, but you still managed to make some of the scenarios funny. I also liked the numbers given to each attempt. The sinister then somewhat anti-climatic was probably the best bit for me.

In terms of animation the flash also doesn't score too badly. It wasn't perfect as you could occasionally see where the shading lines entered the outline which made it look a bit messy. The animation itself was a bit wobbly, but still looked good.

Keep up the good work and I'll look out for episode 2.

funny XD

lawlz nice XD
i agree whit leon888

Great work!!

this is awesome! for your first flash...awesome , you have a lot of potencial

keet it up!! you will become a great animator in NG!

10/10 , 5/5 + added to my favorites :D