Reviews for "Bonehead: The Cereal Box"

Falcon Craunch!!!!!!!!!!!!

Usually slapstick humor isn't that funny but you did it well Bonehead93.

Keep up the good work dude,I hope to have a bowl of your cereal one day.

CaseyAnimates responds:

That was creepy.
...thanks. You can have my cereal any day of the week.

The next episode isn't going to rely on slapstick nearly as much. It's more about just awesome lines with a good story. Check it out when it's done!


an fucking awesome video :D

it gets better, i swear =P

and it did! short but sweet. will there be more bonehead episodes??? i sure hope so. btw, if he wanted to beat the cereal box, he shouldve just tried water. one time i found this box of cereal in a puddle on the street and when i picked it up the box basically just dissolved. the cereal was pretty good though. i didnt even have to chew. bonus!

Yeah not Bad

I like the Voice acting and the basic but suitably stylish drawing. Sound is alright too. However I didn't personally find it very humorous despite the funny concept. Perhaps it wasn't implemented well enough to make a fussy guy like me laugh as much as intended. Overall good job though - hope you continue your good work.

gotta love the classic cartooniness

like a saturday morning cartoon ^^ senseless slapstick with a great ending ^^