Reviews for "Bonehead: The Cereal Box"


Excellent choice of music, amazing animating. I loved how you used the punching sound effect for certain emphasis. Made me smile all the way until the dog's face zoom, which made me burst into laughter for no reason. The voice acting was also well done. Is that you? Great mic quality, and no background noise. I loved it.

lol falcon crunch?

I'ld buy that. this was pretty well animated and funny. Nice job


i was rolling for a minute there my friend it was well done the only thing that got me was the dog guy i don;t know why but he kinda... like awoke this anager in me that made me want to murder someone i dunno why but oh well. good job dude.

CaseyAnimates responds:


Just so everyone knows, his name is, and I really mean this, Dawg. Yes, his name is Dawg. If he makes you want to murder small infants, then my work here is done.

This video?

'spretty good...

alright alright, i'll give an opinion...the style is in my opinion wierd looking but works for the movie, i kept thinking boneheads eyes looked like they were about to explode or something thought, mostly my problem, not the animation's, as for the sound it was okay, it fit what was going on, now the Story made me laugh :P the plan numbers made me giggle, and the rest of it made me laugh :D overall its a great video, but i cant get over the creepyness of Boneheads eyes...

9.5/10 if i could give a 9/5 i would, but i'll just go with 9

Sharks with frickin lasers attached to their heads

Heh heh...Plan 9000+

I see what you did thar.

CaseyAnimates responds:

I see what 'cha mean thar.