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Reviews for "Bonehead: The Cereal Box"

Great Idea

It Was Really Funny


(well not 9000)



Pretty nice for a first flash,actually this is so good, this should be your 100th flash!!!

Katamari XD

XD This is awesome for a first flash!

The work and time you put into it really shows, the voices and music matched perfect with the animation, and the different expressions on Bonehead were funny (the dog really only had one expression and it was pretty good too XD). Plus an extra point for using Katamari music.

One thing, as the last guy said, practice a bit more with the expression in voice acting. When he screamed "Shut up!" in the begining, he looked seriously PO'd, but only sounded mildly ticked off. Then again, it's just your first flash and you'll always get better the more you work with it. And I'm no flash expert yet either.

Also, congrats on getting the frontpage on your first flash! If you're gonna make this a whole series, I'll keep coming back for more =D

it was good

i definitely liked it, it was creative and unique..

but i had 2 problems with it..

1- You need to work on executing your jokes better, with timing and everything.. i mean most were done great, but a few i was like "uhh that didnt seem like it came out the way he pictured it in his head..'

example- when he told the audience to shut up it seemed like the joke has either been used before or maybe its my next criticism that made it not work for me.. and so heres my next thing

2- voice acting. both voices sounded, exactly the same, the entire time. like there was no fluctuation in the voices to me, almost like talking in monotone (i know you weren't obviously, but that should give u a bigger of idea of what im trying to say about the voice acting)

other than that, it was really good! especially for a first flash! i cant wait to see more from you and see you grow into a great flash artist here on newgrounds!

so, 8/10 from me. 2 points off for the 2 problems i had with itjavascript:submission_controller.Ge tReviewController().SaveReview();

hope you take this criticism well cause im not trying to be a dick im just saying it how it is.. and how u can improve on it.

cant wait to see more of these : )