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Reviews for "Run!!"

.....music is bad

i hate the music and i saw a lot of games like that and they were better.sorry but its the truth.

arg, its too hard!

i like the game, but its too hard! maybe add some more actions and some easier levels.


love the game its soo hard too lol!

Dont worry about...

...the crybabies, this is really a innovating game, not much people could imagine a gameplay like this before.
Im giving you that score because, well in my sense of fun, i like the hard games, after that, it has good animations, and then... as i said, it isnt a kind of game we see every day.

Keep the good work......... if you can...


Not bad animation. The real problem was the difficulty, the lack of a story and the single button that controls everything. Perhaps if you had added a couple more actions to help complete the levels. *shrug* But not bad, overall.