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Reviews for "Buhdubuduh."




hahahahah i laughed XD buduhuduhdudhdudhduhdbudhduhduhdu hujcbnduhbsivuduidnjewjekwemfowqeimnj fio lol nah that was funny :)


that was interesting


that was... unexpected.

Hard to understand

Well, I can at least say it was nice of you to make the comment that Tom Fulp was handsome. Next time I suggest putting in more than just a pure green background. It would also be better if you put in some dialogue instead of that "buhdubuduh" thing. I guess there was supposed to be some deep meaning to this or maybe it was just a joke flash. If the language is going to be incomphrensible, you should put some action to it. I have nothing against you, it's just that it seems like you could do much better.