Reviews for "Parody of Se7en"


Like the Laker's, everyone (including myself) wants them to lose and everyone knows in the back of their head's they wont -at least until the play the Kings that is, :)


this fucking movie ROCKS! It was so amazingly well done compared to most of the other crap ive seen. AMAZING clock movie! Everybody should watch this one!

Olayclock should thank you

for not submitting this a day earlier. This is a great movie. Exelently written and parallel to the original theme of seven. Story well told.
5 out of 5.


This is seriously what the portal needs more of... Intelligent, well-done satire. (yes, the kind that i don't have the talent for! ;) ) Frank, seriously, bud. This was great. Hell, I didn't even know I was british! But seriously, the dialogue was what really made this movie. Wow, man... that's a talent you really should employ like this more often. Okay, this has all been random so far, so I'll break it down... Your talent is really improving, man... Most portal movies have nothing... Some excel by having good graphics and stupid content (see the broken saints series)... Some have good graphics and good content without any brains (see the latest Joe Zombie). But this had decent graphics, intelligent humor, and excellent dialogue.

Touche, man. Very, VERY nice!


Just as spooky as the real Se7en!!!!!!!!