Reviews for "Parody of Se7en"



Dont you Hate That F00Ker RockAeroZero!!

get the 4 vote

i vote 4 because the effort was there, i respect the effort because i am one of those folks that put it in hoping to make the top 5. We can't all animate like Tom Fulp yet people vote us down because they insist we do. People suck.

Nice piece of flash...

Welly well well, Mr. FrankClock. A very nice movie you have here. I especially liked the music and the dialogue. Everything tied together so nicely. Like those babies in my trunk. Man, that movie is getting inside my head. Ok, well, very nice job and good luck on the next one. Fifen!

You don't suck!

That was great! Very cool movie, Frank! I liked how you incorporated the Clocks into the dialogue during the car scene :)


hey, if it means that much to you that you use your little aliases to vote my shit down and yours up you can have it. that's pretty weak though. at least your boy Pootie tang is smart enough to know the Kings are gonna beat the Lakers...lol. honestly, your shit isn't bad. i thought it was pretty funny with the voice emulation.

Frank2982 responds:

Actually, I only have this one alias. The correct wording for what you should have said was "That you have your friends vote your shit down" but I haven't seen yours yet, but I bet its pretty good.