Reviews for "Parody of Se7en"


His clock didn't say that

Maybe the first clock movie I like

It's peculiar: you see all these submissions from this-or-that clock which are little more than a handful of words flashing to techno music (or, yesterday's clock magnum opus---some mushroom floating around to techno) and you just want to blam it for all time. Then you get a decent submission like this. I don't hold it against someone if he or she is no Van Gogh--or, in some cases, only 13 (present company excluded). The primary items I judge are 1.) was the author aiming for anything; 2.) did he or she hit it. I am not a devotee of the cult noir Seven, but it's still very provocative---and it's just as obvious you honored its compelling tone. The exclusions to my rule about aiming for something & hitting it are works like "From My Room" and "Bard's Song": these dazzle with nuances, and nuances do not fit a qualifiable aim (they don't need to). I can see five weeks went into this. That's honest work. No thievery, here. No deceit. No solitaire flash game where it looks like all the cards COULD HAVE come from someone else's card game. Reviewers (speaking as one) hate discovering we were evaluating what is actually STOLEN work, or perhaps some clock's idea of a practical joke. Thievery is equally insulting to all those Flash submissions which actually merit attention and praise.

Clockcrew sucks more dick than the fag in this mov

This is the best movie the ClockCrew ever put out.
It sucks. Little humor, ugly graphic in most spots with moving animations.
I give it a :(

THIS IS 1...3...3...7



Do you semmmeeelll what teh Rock is cookin?

RockaeroZero tat Is!