Reviews for "Parody of Se7en"

It was decent...

The length was a big plus. However, I always have trouble keeping up with that damned CoolSpeech. Graphics were average, if not a little below that. Not enough sounds outside of the music/speech. Overall it was an above-average flash movie. Good job.

Pr377y Fux3n c00

liked it... i think the lip sync was messed up and i couldnt fallow the story... but i didnt see the movie and dont know who tha gay wad is. anyways.. good job

Lacks sound


movie is tight, but not for a broad audience

I just caught se7en on cable the other day; this was very funny. But unless the users have seen that movie they'll vote low. My only wish is that frank's facial anguish in the finale was animated. That's one of the best parts in se7en. The dialogue during the car ride was excellent. Love the part when thor talks about blowing the hacker. Cafepress t-shirt at best!


what was that??? it was just a waste of time