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Reviews for "Toxie-Radd"

It was ok, but not too exciting

Graphics & animation were good, but it just got boring too fast. Joe trudges around slowly, and you do the rat-maze routine trying to figure out where to go. The machine gun was about as useful as a tick on a dog's ass while the shotgun was far more powerful (never overheated, and had a good spread). Flamethrower was pretty obscene, too, but overheated very fast. Fully upgraded shotgun was by far the best weapon.

The upgrade system seems redundant in that you have to get xp to pay for things, AND you need vials just to do an upgrade. Just pick a system and go with it. Either make user collect xp OR vials. The way you have it just adds in unnecessary complexity for complexitiy's sake.

I think you'll find that since Left 4 Dead came out, nobody can do a zombie game and expect high scores on NewGrounds for some time to come. Everyone's going to expect this to operate like a top-down version of Left 4 Dead, and they'll skip the intro so they won't know the background to put things into perspective. I think you did a good job, it just gets too repetitious quickly and bores easily. Then again, I'm an older gamer who's played way too many games like this (that's not me bragging, it's just me stating that the older you get, the less novel things like this become). For younger gamers it will probably still be pretty fresh.

difficulty settings aren't good

The game is fun, but there some things thatreally bug me.
- Most importantly the difficoulty settings: they literally mean their names. The 'Joke' is too easy, there is no challenge playing that. Jet that is the only difficoulty on it's fun playing, becouse the 'Deadly' is really deadly, that's what the hard should be.
- The upgrade system is not very well-thought: the 2 boss guns this name becouse they are far superior than the rest. So it doesn't worth upgradeing the basic weapons, becouse right at the end of the 1st level there is the flamethrower, and at the 2nd level there is that electric stuff. The upgrades for the basic guns are as expensive as for the boss ones, so why would one waste those hardly earned XP-s? After getting the elecroshocker (or whatnot) only that should be upgraded, becouse that pwns all.
- There should be a saveing point before the bosses. They are fairly weak on 'Joke' mode, but above that they become kinda though, and there is a good chance that they'll kill you with their superior weapons. And that's very annoying, considering how much it lasts to get to them again. It's especially so with the policewomen, she is the hardest.
- Instead of wanderingaround in an area, killing enemies who come randomly in your way constantly, I'd like it more if the game would flow on the conwentional way: going from start to goal, haveing a fixed number of enemies on fixed spots, and haveing weaker enemies at start, than introduceing stronger and stronger ones, while you get stronger and stronger weapons.

Screw the naysayers

I give the game a 7 not because I didn't thoroughly enjoy it, but because it could be improved upon. Overall, a really fun game. The graphics are the first place I'd like to see improvements; sometimes I couldn't tell if I was walking into a zombie or just stepping over a corpse. Controls are simple and intuitive, which is always nice in an action game. The action itself is a bit repetitive, but what do you want? It's a top-down shooter! They aren't known for their variety of gameplay. Overall, this is one of the better zombie shooters on NG. While it could better, it's a fine start. I look forward to a Part 2.

nuthin new

boring and repetitive, however nice visuals


I don't really see much different with this game and any other top shooter on this site. The graphics were decent and the game play was alright. However, it got boring before the end of the first level. The gun overheats much to fast, and the zombies seem to have a much longer range than you. Still, its worth trying for a second.