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Reviews for "Toxie-Radd"

Good game

Good game, good graphics, the random spawn fucked it. If random spawns were gone i would give it a 10

it was ok

It was good but whats with the random zombie spawn they can spawn anywhere??.causae a zombie spawned right behind me.!its a good game tho and i think it should have medals but there was random sppawning other people with guns trying to kill me,and whats with the cooldown?


The game isn't all that great, but it isn't terrible either.

The story is pretty basic, yet somewhat original (at least to me). you play as Joe who is a prisoner at a Detention Area called St. Rose state prison. The Prison is not your ordinary prison, but a prison that hides deep dark secrets; secrets that have taken away right hand and replaced it with a huge ass gun. But, suddenly something goes terribly wrong and now the prison is swarming with zombies.

The gameplay is fun, but could have been better without a doubt. when you start off you already have a majority of the weapons, since there are only 5. You start off with the first 3 weapons, Shotgun, Machinegun, and Armor Piercer. You get the other two, Flamethrower and Lighting Gun, after defeating the two bosses. There are 3 bosses total in the game, but the last boss only adds in an upgrade to the Shotgun. Which kind of sucks considering the previous two bosses give you the strongest guns in the game (specifically the Lighting Gun). the enemies you fight off against mostly consist of zombies, but there are a few heavily armed Security Guards. The really Ironic thing about the Security Guards is they always seem to drop some frags, but they never really use them. There are only 4 levels, and on the 4th you fight off against 20 waves of zombies (and possibly some Security Guards, if I can remember right). After each mission you are given the option to upgrade Joe or his weapons; and after each wave you can set up some more traps and buy some frags. The game has 3 difficulties, Joke, Deadly, and Apocalypse. Joke is really easy, only takes about a few seconds to defeat a boss. Deadly is harder, but I haven't spent that much time on it. Apocalypse is much harder, but again, haven't spent that much time on it.

The graphics of are good, but to be honest not really the best looking game. I've seen games that have more cartoonish graphics actually look better than this. I don't mean that in an offensive way, but the Lighting for one thing looks a bit too cartoonish. The levels are often very gritty and it really does look good.

Sound is also good. It's really atmospheric, and I think the Zombies and the Security Guards sound pretty cool. When ever a Boss shows up the rock music plays, and then stops when you kill them.

random spawning sucks

I get that you want it to be difficult, but because of the constant swarm of zombies who come from everywhere I couldn't play this game, not only because it is hard, but also because all the bodies made my PC lag alot.

It does look nice though...

nice looking game but it's been done before better

The game is okay, but it falls prey to generic problems like random spawning (if I clear a room full of zombies and there is no other entrance into the room then zombies shouldn't suddenly start coming out of that room because the room itself is off screen) the shooting control isn't all that great but it works. graphics look nice but over all it's a pretty dull game.