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Reviews for "Toxie-Radd"

Its a good pastime

Gameplay was extremely simple but not the freshest Ive played, the suspense of getting surrounded by zombies wore off by the third time and the flamethrower couldve lasted longer and wasnt fun to use. Other than that its a good pastime

I loved it

EPIC music, smooth gameplay (at least not on my comp, but I tried it on others), the only thing I could have done with was cash and a way to purchase things for the guns, or even other guns, but the nano cells took care fo that quite readily... perhaps a different selection of grenades, like napalm woulda been sweet.

Other than that, this game is not only really replayable, but its made its way to the top of my favorites, and I must go find osme of this band now, cause the music really set the tone for the whole thing, and it was absolutely perfect, the metal riffs along with massivly slaughtering hordes and hordes of zombies just makes for a really enjoyable annihalation atmosphere

Good work, cant wait for a sequel, hoping you make this a whole series of games really lol

Screw the naysayers

I give the game a 7 not because I didn't thoroughly enjoy it, but because it could be improved upon. Overall, a really fun game. The graphics are the first place I'd like to see improvements; sometimes I couldn't tell if I was walking into a zombie or just stepping over a corpse. Controls are simple and intuitive, which is always nice in an action game. The action itself is a bit repetitive, but what do you want? It's a top-down shooter! They aren't known for their variety of gameplay. Overall, this is one of the better zombie shooters on NG. While it could better, it's a fine start. I look forward to a Part 2.

Needs improvement.

It was fun at first, but the guns overheat to fast and there are way to many zombies, the random spawns messed it up.


dont listen to the plebs this was awsome graphic were good game play was good it did get a bit repeditive toward the end but it kept me wantin to keep crushin zombie skull!!!!!!