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Reviews for "Toxie-Radd"


This game was good made with the artwork and graphic and the game play was also fun. The thing i didnt like about the game was that it was boring in the end with the same level over and over and that made me quit on the 4th wave. What i think you should do for next time is to get more maps, more weapons and more types of zombies. Keep it coming!


I eventually had to stop playing this game because it was making my PC lag so much that it was ridiculous. But the graphics and artwork were quite good. Nicely set out plot, and it's good that there are numerous levels, bosses, weapons and even numerous zombie types. It adds to the game's overall effect that sets the notion that it's one hell of a situation and you're going to have to take on a fair bit if you want to overcome such. It does require some skill, and it's obvious that a significant amount of detail and thought went into the creation of this game.
The weapons were a bit of a let down, when I changed weapons, it really just felt like I was using the same weapon throughout my playing of the game.
Music choice was good, though when it came to the sound effects, I didn't really hear or feel that much of a resemblance to Resident Evil (if at all).
Still a good game, I got pissed that I had to stop because my lagging PC was just ruining it for me. Ah well, a good effort. :) 8/10


really fun game but more upgrades needed. same as below comment. it reminds me of nazi zombies, but i love that game too. its great somebody made it on here :)

kinda good

but the part with the doctor with the flame thrower was really hard


For some reason, it reminds me of Nazi Zombies mode on CoD: WaW. But the sound FX where anything BUT " Resident Evil". And weapons felt paithaticly weak. I would rather fight of the undead in Arkum Asylum then play this game again.

And I know Arkum doesn't have zombies, damnit!