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Reviews for "Toxie-Radd"

Smashin stuff

Well now, I'm not usually bothered to write a review but hell, I've played a lot of games on Newgrounds but this game actually made me see red with bloodlust. It's got the same charm which made me play GTA2 over and over again back in the day, only with more atmosphere and zombie-inflicted feel of fanboy-ism. I even nearly forgot I got work tomorrow, which brings me in an awful spot at near 2 AM in the morning. And there's still so many spots clear of dead bodies at wave 8 (sigh).
Can't say I used the melee move until now though, which is a shame but in a quick glance I saw you put that in a better accessible spot on the keyboard in part 2 which I'm gonna try out tomorrow till my fingers bleed.

Thanks a lot bro, this 10's for you...

Xplored responds:

You're are great. Enthusiastic players like you are the reason of our passion.

Awesome game

This game is like sex while camping IT'S FUCKING INTENSE. It's like a gritty realistic version of Smash TV. Ten Stars for you. This game is about tactics. when to freeze and when to fire. charge in like a cracked out Rambo and you won't last long The gas barrels can be used to your advantage. Use the machine gun in short sharp bursts. The visuals are graphically intense so expect some lag



really good

really good game
-nice weapons
-bosses are also ok
-intro was really good

one negative
-you don't get to fight any zombie boss.

for the rest really good keep up the work :)


i usually don't really go for these top-down survival things buti played to near enough the end of level 3 and liked what i saw!
there's a few definite negative aspects though so i'll go for some bullet points

-visuals were nice looking and well conceived, classic survival horror style
-definite challenge, it's not easy! travelling anywhere poses a threat, which makes for good gameplay if you're going for the exit with barely any health.
- sound effects were great. i thought i recognised a few...Resident Evil was mentioned in your text? does anyone else think the test-tube pick up sound is from Dead Space?
- the upgrades really make a difference, especially the speed ones, cos you're slow as hell at the start

-the machine gun and the shot gun seem terribly weak. i used the armor piercer almost the entire time.
-maybe feels a bit repetitive. because the levels are fairly long and hard, it's kind of a bit of a downer having to start more or less the same thing straight away in a longer and harder level.
-noticed a possible bug with the grenades, where if you're holding down click to auto fire the guns and hit space for a grenade....nothing happens, your grenade ammo goes down but no grenade is thrown :(

overall, a really well designed and constructed game, and not just your usual top down survival....like that god awful thing where you're an SAS guy in a house with incoming zombies....dunno what it's called but BLEEEGH!

well done! :D