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Reviews for "Toxie-Radd"

Fun game, not fun waves

The only real problem with this game is that 20 waves gets boring fast, but it's still a really good game.

very fun

way fun man but i agree with (the radical one) there is way too many waves and i just got bored and sat in the corner and the computer zombies didnt know wht to do so they all gathered outside of my view until i came out and wiped them all out in like 15 secs but overall good game

Xplored responds:

YOu and THeRadicalOne are probably right. THe waves could have been 10 only.
We'll take note for next one :-D

Great Game!

This game was a ton of fun. The graphics were very good, the gameplay was smooth, the bosses were interesting, and the soundtrack was great. Thanks!

20 Waves? WHAT.

This was an okay game, the very beginnings difficulty threw me off but I beat it and then got the flamethrower, the only gun you need from that point on. It does damage through multiple foes like the armor piercer, it does extra burning damage if you get close enough, and you can embarrass bosses by just circling them and using the flamethrower point blank.

I didn't mind that, but what did get me was the waves. WHY did you feel like you needed to add 20 waves of zombies? I have every upgrade I need at this point, and now it just feels like grinding on that flash zombie MMO "Dead Frontier", considering they both sound the same, with the same dying and yelling sound effects and play almost alike.

But the waves... oh the waves, I'm 8 waves in, and I just don't know why you needed 20. This is getting repetitive, you could of stopped at 10 waves, but 20?

Great, a lot of fun.

My only gripe is that in the Wave mode towards the end, zombies spawned too slowly, or stopped spawning completely once you got close to the quota. I had to run around the screen for a minute trying to find the only two zombies on the screen.