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Reviews for "Toxie-Radd"

its ok

i mean you have good potential but its just doesnt feel right

very nice

awosome game man the i ever play


Well, the shotgun, machinegun and armor-piercing seem a bit useless( and the bashing attack), since most of the time I just burn or electrocute enemys to death. The problem with too much waves...well, it's already been mentioned.

I'm not sure if this is a bug, but appearrantly, the barrels can conducts electricity with out being damaged, so if you buy lot's of barrels and maximize the electro spread range, you're basically invincible.(The current just jump back and forth between the barrel and the enemy until the enemy get killed.)
Another thing I'm not sure if it's a bug is, that you would get backfired by the current if it killed an enemy and ended up flying towards you.

Reminds me of Endless Zombie Rampage(1), but the progress is faster.
Over all, I like it. 4/5!

Finally, I got a question... is the menu music really performed by MasterCastle? I didn't find this song in their album "The Phoenix".

Xplored responds:

Thanks for your comments! Really!
THe "bug" you found is not properly a bug but I'd call it a very strategic way to face the challenge of the waves. I guess almost nobody used your keen strategy of making barriers with barrels and using the lightning gun as weapon passing through.
...at least, I've to admit, no one of our tester ever did it and we never thought it! :-D
So, please, send us a private message to open a direct contact with us in Xplored in case you'd like to betatest some of our newcoming game before their publication. :-D
Regarding MasterCastle music for the game, you are right. WHile in DarkBase 2 we used a song of their last LP, on Toxie-Radd they did dedicated songs following our style request.

Great timekiller.

Decent graphics, solid gameplay, and it's a great way to kill some time. Although it gets a bit monotonous after the story, who gives a shit? I get to shoot zombies in the face with goddamn bolts of lightning!

On an unrelated note: The protagonist can shoot fire, bullets, and even lightning from his arm, which he uses to beat the shit out of countless waves of the undead....and you name him Joe. Is that really the ONLY name you could think of? Joe?!

Its awsome

the Zombies are scary