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Reviews for "Toxie-Radd"

Game has flaws...

Game has bursts of lag in parts... Although that is partly my fault as i have a shitty pc. Engine needs to be simplified where possible.
Sound effects I found were annoying as hell... had to turn off my speakers...
Game was well made other than those two...

Pretty good top down shooter

but the zombie theme is getting old imean, like a week ago somebody put SAS Zombie Assault 2. Other than that, its a great game.

It was ok, but not too exciting

Graphics & animation were good, but it just got boring too fast. Joe trudges around slowly, and you do the rat-maze routine trying to figure out where to go. The machine gun was about as useful as a tick on a dog's ass while the shotgun was far more powerful (never overheated, and had a good spread). Flamethrower was pretty obscene, too, but overheated very fast. Fully upgraded shotgun was by far the best weapon.

The upgrade system seems redundant in that you have to get xp to pay for things, AND you need vials just to do an upgrade. Just pick a system and go with it. Either make user collect xp OR vials. The way you have it just adds in unnecessary complexity for complexitiy's sake.

I think you'll find that since Left 4 Dead came out, nobody can do a zombie game and expect high scores on NewGrounds for some time to come. Everyone's going to expect this to operate like a top-down version of Left 4 Dead, and they'll skip the intro so they won't know the background to put things into perspective. I think you did a good job, it just gets too repetitious quickly and bores easily. Then again, I'm an older gamer who's played way too many games like this (that's not me bragging, it's just me stating that the older you get, the less novel things like this become). For younger gamers it will probably still be pretty fresh.


i dint like this game i think the guns where weak need a little bit power and zombies cant barf on u cuz it takes up alot of health so i think it not very fun..


Really Amazing Game But There Are A Few Things That Make It Irritating;
Your Machinegun Overheats To Quickly And Fires A Bit Slow For Something That Does Nearly No Damage.
Infinite Enemy Respawns? Or Close Enough Is Pretty Annoying
Otherwise Great Hoping, Praying For A Sequal