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Reviews for "Toxie-Radd"

not only a game!

does anyone noticed that this game is near to tarantino's planet terror?
i think that is more than a simple zombie game.. at least a cool variant.

BARACK13 why a 0? this game was published from crazy monkey games.. than hosted from armorgames.com as done by newgrounds..

but... why people votes without thinking ???... a developper needs info to improves.. not 0 without a real reason!!

Its ok

What bothered me about this game is the zombies materializing out of thin air. I think it would have been a lot more effective if you would have kept it more meneageable. Im sure any follow up you release would be a hell of a lot more fun and I look forward to it.


i didnt play it much, which i suppose is kinda unfair. but it just bored me so much, and as far as i'm concerned a game where you cant find any reason to keep playing other than 'it might get good later' is NOT a good game.

sorry mate, unoriginal concept and not too well excecuted either.


i thinks its to slow but it is nevertheless nice to play
but you get zero points for including a mute function for sound/music that doesn't work


Gameplay is slow, and gets boring after while. 3 Levels for story isn't mutch, but Arena levels kills the problem. Ballers give bonus fun in killing. Shotgun is kinda weird: even whem I'm standing next to zombie I can't hit him with full shoot. And Melee is too slow. Game is good but it needs some uprgades.