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Reviews for "Toxie-Radd"

It's been 2 hours?!

Jesus, I lost several hours in this, time flys when you're having fun!

Great weapons, amazing animation, badass sounds, and truly EPIC music.

Flawless victory.

The only improvement I can think of is expanding the upgrades and the number of enemies in the wave mode. I found myself running around trying to find the last few guys, rather than them trying to tear my guts out.

Still, this is a wicked sick game. Fav'd.


I hated the fact that when you reach the boss part, the boss is easy, it's just the thousands of zombies that are coming to rape you that's next to impossible. I found a few glitches, which made me have to restart completely. I don't see how this game got front page.

good but

it got a bit boring when u got to the courtyard otherwise it was great

May i use this?

my i use the first map for this to recreate in Killing Floor? ill give creds :D lol


seriously, NO excuse. azerty support OR key customisation!

I think this was 8/10 material, but the no azerty kept me from actually playing it.
The graphics looked good as far as I saw, the gameplay similar to other shooters.

As I said, probably a good game, too bad the controls don't make me experience it.

btw, might be glitch, when I opened "controls", my mouse cursor disappeared in-game, which made it impossible to click any other options.