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Reviews for "Toxie-Radd"

Not enough zombies

The game is good, but needs more zombies and once you get the flame thrower and the shock gun all other weapons become useless. Not very balanced but it's a bit fun.

Not too bad

The game was fairly simple but well made. Although some bugs appear to be present (See Valio's review, and I somehow got infinite upgrade thingies..) and the gameplay is a bit repetive, the game did keep me busy for a while. Thanks for another nice submission~

To "nice controls menu" from "shangeilie"
Have you tried pressing spacebar? Or e? or o? or esc? It closes down the control menu, just because the background stands still does not mean the game freezes.

I am zombie Michael Jackson!

First I thought this was a game about killing zombies. I started in joke mode, expecting it would be the most easy way to get around the game and killing zombies. Just think of my surprise, when I realized that I couldn't (neither could they kill me). I just could walk around corridors followed by my zombie fans which would gather around me after some time and cheer up to me. It seems as if I could shoot different types of fireworks at them and waving with my hand. But there was no exit, nor dead. I was trapped in a cheering Zombie crowd.

Well---maybe this was not the intention of the author and it was a bug?


Remind me a game on psone called LOADED by interplay.
Gore, violent, sadist, no brainer..........FUN

Very Good

The assault force try to kill you but on this game needs to have friends