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Reviews for "Toxie-Radd"


I killed the first boss then i jsut got lost i think it glitched it idk

Great game, but long at the end.

The game was great the first 3 levels, and the 4th with 20 waves was needless to say...increasingly boring and increasingly easy as you acquired all the upgrades... After wave 10 or so, all you really need is a ton of explosive barrels and the lightning gun. The moment a zombie runs near one, shoot out a short burst and it'll pretty much die from the electric current going from the barrel to the zombie. If you're lucky enough, it'll spread out and hit other targets too.

I don't know how many people actually did all 20 waves, but just out of curiosity I decided to go for it. It was long and boring (it felt like it took several hours, I almost fell asleep a few times), but It's got an interesting storyline, but the ending scene just didn't seem like it was worth the effort. If you had 5 waves, increasing in difficulty drastically, then I could see it as more challenging and fun, but 20 waves just ruins it.

Great game, and almost perfect

This game was beautifully done, from the backgrounds to the weapons. Burning zombies to death (again?) never got old, and the cutscenes were really fun. But, as others have done, I quit after the first 10 waves or so thinking that the game had no real ending.

In fact, for a little bit, I thought this was a conscious (yet boring) choice on your part. Maybe you thought about what happen if he DID make it outside...

How could a zombie live a normal life in the real world? Will he try to find a nice wife and settle down to raise 2.1 undead children in a suburb somewhere? As a felon, it'd be tough for him to find a steady job, so undoubtedly he'd turn to drug-dealing or pimping. Maybe he could be a bouncer.

But these questions seem irrelevant, since you DID make an ending, buried somewhere under 20 waves of increasingly boring levels.

But everything else was really well done, and this is easily one of the best zombie-survival games I've played on newgrounds.

Well I was having fun

until I decided on the 7th wave that the fun had gone. And then i finally quit on the ninth wave. Nice style and all. But you completely killed the game with adding 20 boring waves with completely no suspense, just a box with zombies in it.

needs more...?

The game is entertaining. I love the cheesy horror movie style to it, the upgrade system feels like a true retro game, and the graphics are quite awesome for a flash game. The boss fights were easy if you knew what to do, and all in all, it was great.
However... it feels rather unfinished. What's with the last 20 waves? It just kills the magic of the game in a matter of seconds. I didn't even realize the game had an ending until I read about it... I thought from there on it'd be endless waves until I decided to quit. I would have been happy with 20 extra levels, even if there were no new weapons... it would have made me feel more inclined to finish this game without yawning while killing the 20 waves at the end. Heck, just one more level with a super boss would have done it.
I would love to see a sequel, or even a remake or 'expansion' [version 1.5? idk...]. You have something good here! But this game just feels like an unfinished project with amazing potential.
Hope my input was remotely helpful, and I'm really looking forward to future works from you.