Reviews for "Youda Legend Amsterdam"

A joke right...? no?

lol i love the game some reason found it alot of fun and that kinda made me sound boreing... and a bit sad... lol but yeah i loved it but i would'nt pay money for a 5 min game :/ especially made on the internet, can find alot more game with alot more gameplay and fun like that combat arms that has been on the front page for a while now... no offence but its a shiteload more fun and its free too :/


Firstly, don't listen to the voters below me. I can't say that it is THE GREATEST ACTION/ADVENTURE/SLASHER game of all time, but once again. its well animated, well, thought out, and definetly a five. I rate it 5 not for its popularity rate from others, but because the animation is almost lifelike. Once again, a new youda worthy of newgrounds.

Your Newgrounds friend,
Gub The Bub


i usually don't mind these kind of games.
but theirs many problems like u have to PAY to play theirs no punishment for randomly clicking around in fact your rewarded for it. it fills the compass meter so all i did was randomly click around like a school girl with a spider on my hand and use the compass when it was ready.
-6 for having to pay
-3 for no difficulty
-1 because i got bored while playing this game while i usually like playing these games.
0/5 0/10 total waste of time and money


the game is like 3/10 but if you put it pay2play it becomes like -9999999999999/10. newgrounds is for free flash games

same old games from youda

the games this company makes are ok... (bad).... and they always neeeeeeed money so they put it as a pay2play.... well if they just made this a demo and the full verson free on their site... then they would get alot more money from their ads lol so i say dont play any of their games ever.... their wastes of everyones time