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Reviews for "Catch of the Day"


just plain Awesome.

Squirrel turns the tables :D

I loled

I was expecting that man to win...nice plot twist ur going all the way with this one.

How ironic...

The animation was well made and I really enjoyed the comedy. Another example of the Hunter becoming the Hunted. 10/10


Somehow that was hella cute! =D

Awesome animation, I almost forgot that was a flash. It feels like real animation (not that flash is not real, but you know what i mean.)
Really enjoyed xD


Wait... well THAT was unexpected!

Original and well put together =) I thought I had guessed the ending twice while watching this only to be surprised at the actual ending itself. I like Flash that keeps me guessing while I'm watching. The music felt appropriate and your character's facial expressions were able to speak to me and tell the story quite nicely.