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Reviews for "Catch of the Day"

Epic revenge

It's simply outstanding how much you've improved in all these years. Your animation skills now are brutal. Quite a fun little thing you've got here and a nice way to do some introspection into your own road.

Nice work

This was quite an interesting flash with the man and the squirrel,the animation was nice but went very well with the style,i loved the music and thought it went great with the flash and overall this was an enjoyable flash to watch. =)

Soooo satisfying

In some way, I was kind of hoping for the guy to eat the squirrel, but it was done really well, so it's a minor point. The music was so perfect, because sometimes is was very disparate from the current mood of the video, but the whole thing is very playful, and the video was as well, so even when it got kind of serious and intense it fit. Thanks for doing something with good music.