Reviews for "The Space Game : Missions"

Nice XD

I see youve taken alot of time in this, its addictive and fun... the only thing i find wrong is the music but o well 10.


Ingtieno, the game isn't duplicated it's an updated version with more missions.

Just as great as the first!

I found this one while trying to find the original. This one is just as fun! Would love to see a third. I don't know what you could come up with next because I still love this game just as it is. I do miss the bonus section that we all seen on the first one though.

5/5 10/10

i found a way to load it

if you have truble go to the creaters thing that shows his flash games and click it well thats what i did?hope this is helpfull.

Great Game

Great game, the original The Space Game on newgrounds doesn't work but this one works fine, try and change your preferences to accept all cookies or have newgrounds.com as an exception it should work then