Reviews for "The Space Game : Missions"

I'm Still Playing It. 2nd Last Stage is Hard

Great Game! I stopped real quick to wright a review of my own. all around 10/10. I noticed this is a different version because when I would youtube a walkthrough, and some other different stages would be shown. Like Mission 6 on youtube ain't Mission 6 in this version etc. Other then that, hard game but fun. MAKE MORE!!!!

Great Game.

Tons of fun. Cool graphics. Sound design could be better.

Awesome game

For all the lazy fucks out there saying this is a repost, look at the original game and you will see they are different games.

This game was as fun as ever, I am very happy you made a sequel.

The only issue I have is the fact that you took out the mining and survival modes. You removed a fun aspect of the game and replaced it with mission. For the next sequel, I would suggest adding the mining and survival modes in addition to the new missions.

Overall this is a great game.

Excellent Game

I remember when I first played the original one night. Before I knew it, it 4 hours had passed. I had a similar experience with this game.

The idea of missions that are more than just mine x amount of ore or survive for y minutes are a great addition, but it would have been a lot better to see new types of weaponry and structures. Hopefully in the sequel, right?

Oh, and to the idiots below me: This is not a repost, it's more like an expansion pack. Morons.


its a repost http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view /504419