Reviews for "The Space Game : Missions"


imagine this game with 3d graphics....... WOW
it could easily make it at the least live arcade.
keep it up

I'd pay money on Steam, for a fleshed out version

absolutely awesome gameplay behind this, and as my title says, i'd pay money for a fleshed out version of it.
a sandbox editor, more buildings, more missions and you got me as a customer. until then i'll play this game...over and over again :)

Simply Awesome

Wow. This was a hell of a game. I loved the original, and this one just shows how great the game could still be. "Missions" is the exact title it needs, as it respects the original game in almost every sense, but adding addictive new missions. The last mission, oh my god ! Its really hard, particulary because of that pink deadly laser.
Im anxious enough to see another The Space Game, this time maybe with more weapons ?
Good luck.

Just as great as the first!

I found this one while trying to find the original. This one is just as fun! Would love to see a third. I don't know what you could come up with next because I still love this game just as it is. I do miss the bonus section that we all seen on the first one though.

5/5 10/10

Love it.

This game is awesome. I'm hoping to see a sequel with more structures. :)