Reviews for "The Space Game : Missions"

i found a way to load it

if you have truble go to the creaters thing that shows his flash games and click it well thats what i did?hope this is helpfull.

Would be fun but...

The problem is with the weapons. They only target whetevr is closest so when you need to take out a mothership they don't shoot it but instead shoot at the weaker fighters. I think that the High energy Tactical laser should only target big ships. While the pulse lasers focus on the fighters. Otherwise you have a slightly broken but fixable fun game.


best game eveeerrrrrrr


i have plyed this before and loved it... but now im just looking at a blank screen


Won't load past the Newgrounds and CC adverts... This and other games do work on their website though - google the creator's name. I'd post a link, but I'm not allowed. Meh.

As for why it doesn't load up here... There are several adverts to click through after the movie-reel-style ones, so maybe they're something to do with it. No idea.

Pity though.