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Reviews for "POTC:at scripts end"


So True.


Great idea!

Har Har!

Funny! Cool! Great! ^_^


mediocre movie, good comic. I hear they're also coming out with 3 more pirate movies too. Ho boy....

you can tell

you can always tell what kind of person your dealing with when they GLEEFULLY spoil a movie for you. yes i saw this movie, and yes i loved it, and holy shit, i would need much more then to check my brain at the door to find this funny.

its apparent you went to see pirates with a completely closed mind, so i dopnt really see how you have a right to judge it, and i also dont see how you have a right to make fun of it at this extreme. oh wait, yeah i can see how you have the RIGHT, everyone has the right to make an ass out of themselves, and CERTAINLY at this extreme.

i thought you were just going to spoof it, which almost would have been enough to make up for the fact that you were spoiling THE three moments in this film, although im glad you found it in your heart to skimp over the ending. and even over-looking that, because to some im sure it would seem a ridiculous idea that some had not seen POTC yet, but what i really find offensive, is the attitude in which feel it necessary to shit all over this perfectly fine movie.

but no were not here to talk about POTC, this is the art portal, so yes this seems well pieced together, and it took half a brain to come up with the punch line, so cool, good use of crayons, if your intent was to piss of POTC fans, congrats, success there, but if your intent was to be funny or creative...

epic fail