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Reviews for "POTC:at scripts end"

This is such great satire. I really appreciate how authentic the drawings look. These are exactly what children would draw! Well, it was based on a theme park ride. I still love the original movie. Come on, they did get worse as they went on.

Well, I'm not here to review them. I'm here to review this! It really is a very cute drawing. I'm glad how you describe exactly why you did this. Disney sequels are almost never good.


Pretty much sums it up nicely.

Sidenote: You made He-Man marry GI Joe...? .__.

hay yeah, it did suck

i never thought the third move was as good (or better) then the second. but it wasnâEUTMt till i read this comic that i realized just how stupid it was.

also am i the only one that thought it was od the for collection of movies called "pirates of the Caribbean" there was very little piracy going on? If i went in to the second or third move not knowing what a pirate was, i would probably lieve thinking it meant tressure hunter.


funny but true...

True dat!

Epic win.