Reviews for "The 5 Hour Collab V"

Pretty good...but I'm a little confused.

Really the only thing I don't get is where's it say anything about super heroes?
Shouldn't it say something like "This episode - Superhero theme" I dunno, 4/5
cause graphics weren't top notch but it was pretty funny throughout the vid.

nice =D

idk why but I really liked it XD

What's that song in shirafor? it's really bugging me hahah


Looks good, good job guys.
Funny, and good parts.
Sorry I couldn't make this one. :[

The concept reminds me of Sprite a Day...

...but Sprite A Day was bloody terrible. This was animated very well, but I didn't find any of it funny to be honest ._.. Multi-skit collabs probably aren't really my thing.

But the animation was good D:


Interesting although it was super short for a collab