Reviews for "The 5 Hour Collab V"

Funny, good job

I really enjoyed this. My favourite scene, i have to tell you was when Awesome man appeared.

"Damn you awesome man! I will have my revenge!" *shakes fist*

That just made me chuckle.

Tell the guy who did that one, to keep it up... De-line it was.

It wasn't TOO bad

Like any collab, some parts were good, some bad. But the main thing I don't like is, why rush animators? I'd rather have a 5 week collab than a 5 hour. 5 hours isn't very much time and it forces animators to make bad animations. That is all.



btw I accepted the co-author thing. I'm actually kind of surprised my part got in. It was a lot of fun. A great motivation booster all animators should start doing from now on.

great collab, not much else to say.


not great...

deffinetly room for improvement

boring and badly animated

not being an ass but you all need to improve.