Reviews for "Staff Style"

I think this was one of your lesser drawings. It's probably because it's not as authentic as the other stuff you've worked on. I do like that background. Of course, I can tell that this was intended to be a lot sillier than most of the other stuff you've worked on. It is nice to lay back and do something casual. I'm fairly certain this is how you would describe yourself.

In fact, you really do have an afro! I like how there's so much emphasis put on your bulging muscles. It's also cool how that blue comb fits in with the background. It is fairly unique, once you think about it. While not great, a good picture.

Very good.

I can tell that you put a lot of detail into this piece of art. It may not be a Jeff style of art, but it's pretty damn close. One of the best pieces of art I've seen by a mod. I hope to see more art like this from you.


a ninja is nothing....without his fro comb
good art!

l8s man!


Looks good!


*crys a single tear*

Its beautiful...