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Reviews for "Washing Mach Emulator 1.1"


It can keep you occupied, but it's short. Also, you may want to fix the "Boss Battle", where you can just walk off the screen and none of the clothes will hit you.

not bad

for a beta version it has various mini-games that aren't bad
in my opinion the things you should correct are: the money value (it's really exagerated); the physics in the jumping game (the jump is "weird"); the upgrades (idk what they are doing); and if possible improve the graphics and/or the backgorund
besides that it's a pretty good idea


Concept- Good
Graphics- Retro, and still good
Music- Boring
Audio- Classic and still holding its own
Animation- Could be improved apon
Imagery- Not as good
Gameplay- Easy to get hold of and pick up
Overall- Okay if improved apon
Other- It had no real point to it, keeping in mind it is only a beta, i belive the full version would be excellent

Good concept

First laundry game I have ever played. It could have been a bit longer. And overall needs some moderate tweaking. But then again, this is the beta version.

More interesting

I guess this wasn't the worst I'd ever seen but I didn't really enjoy playing it. I mean, the first part of the game was matching colors? I admit it was kind of fun jumping around but even that was a bit difficult. If I could make a suggestion have it be more interesting with better graphics.