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Reviews for "Washing Mach Emulator 1.1"


I'm surprised this hasn't got a better score - the basics are brilliant. It's funny and unique, and I really enjoyed it. I'll look out for any new versions - you make it long enough (and with enough variety) I can see this hitting front page. I've never really played anything like it.

The problems with the game - and there are a few - is with the actual gameplay elements. The level where you had to jump over the baskets had terrible collision detection. Other levels could have been more challenging, too - the colour one could have had switching baskets, and the 'click to load' one needed more too. The final level was pretty poor, too - I would have liked to see things you're not supposed to collect, and bonuses and things like that. But I'm guessing they might turn up in a newer version.

Overall I'm giving this a good score because of how brilliant the idea was. The implementation needs to be better - but great job all the same. I love to see this sort of stuff on Newgrounds.

Fun. :^)

Pretty Good

I liked the Idea of making that joke into an actual game, that was actually pretty good.


It can keep you occupied, but it's short. Also, you may want to fix the "Boss Battle", where you can just walk off the screen and none of the clothes will hit you.


Shouldnt you mention the fact this is based of David Firth'sburnt face man though?

HUN73R responds:

WOOPS ye i ment to ill change that, i did mention it in the 1st ones decription