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Reviews for "Washing Mach Emulator 1.1"

Burnt Face Man woot

You sir have made me laugh quite a bit because of this. I saw Washing Mach Emulator and immediately knew where it was from. GG. 5/5 10/10 for matching it perfectly.

The Most Perfect Time Waster

I was entertained for a while just seeing how high I could get my score. The unlockables made it fun. And I just loved the pixelated style so much! The graphics/physics could have been a bit better, but this has become one of my favorite time wasting activities.


Simple, but funny and original. Keep it up.

Fun and enjoyable.

When I saw this on the "new submissions" bar, I said to myself "Phhh, a washing machine, how fun" and just clicked on it to see what it was going to be like.
Personally, I think it deserves a much higher score than it has; it has fun gameplay, even with a few bugs, and a creative idea. You may want to work on the graphics a little, and the variety of things to do in each of the levels, but otherwise, I enjoyed playing this game.
I can't wait to see another version!


I'm surprised this hasn't got a better score - the basics are brilliant. It's funny and unique, and I really enjoyed it. I'll look out for any new versions - you make it long enough (and with enough variety) I can see this hitting front page. I've never really played anything like it.

The problems with the game - and there are a few - is with the actual gameplay elements. The level where you had to jump over the baskets had terrible collision detection. Other levels could have been more challenging, too - the colour one could have had switching baskets, and the 'click to load' one needed more too. The final level was pretty poor, too - I would have liked to see things you're not supposed to collect, and bonuses and things like that. But I'm guessing they might turn up in a newer version.

Overall I'm giving this a good score because of how brilliant the idea was. The implementation needs to be better - but great job all the same. I love to see this sort of stuff on Newgrounds.